Jen Sicotte

My Philosophy:
Live & Love The Brand


Service-driven leadership. I lead teams with an open ear and open arms. I understand that mistakes happen and that is how we all grow. So, we work together, learn together, create together, and laugh all the time. I am always the 'go to' girl on the team, and I like it that way.

Wear Many Hats

Monday, I'm a copy editor; Tuesday, I'm a photographer; Wednesday, I'm writing press releases and I'm on the phone with the local news stations; Thursday, I'm planning events; and Friday, I'm all about social media and graphic design. Next week? Everything changes. My job is to live and love the brand, and by wearing so many hats, I can ensure the brand is very well dressed ;).

Plan ahead

The best way to avoid missteps is to stay way ahead of the game, and it's my number one goal every day. My team and I are always looking to the future, staying on the cutting edge of emerging trends, and taking the time to analyze and track past results so we can shift accordingly. I pride myself on my marketing instincts, but I'm not afraid to let the data prove me wrong and to shift gears on the fly

My greatest skill:
Learn Fast & Adapt Quickly

Graphic Design

Graphic design and management for most outbound marketing platforms: email, social media ads, banner ads, Wordpress websites, and most popular content management systems and front-end interface software


The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor)

Content Marketing

Build cutting edge and highly effective content strategies using close trends analysis through data aggregation from multiple sources

Video & Photo Editing

Video editing for social media (many videos I have edited myself have been viewed by an audience of >100K). I bring photos to life.

Social Media Marketing

Knowledge of all major social media platforms, engagement, and success metrics. I deliver fine-tuned audience targeting & retargeting strategies and tactics.

Adobe Creative Suite

I have advances skills working with the top graphic design, copywriting, editing, and content creation software tools.

A Foundation of Excellence:

Work Experience

Your Strategists
2020 - PRESENT

Head of Content

Primary Goal: Create and deliver outstanding content and social media marketing, graphic design services, and visual creative and editing services for our clients.

Major Responsibilities:

- Content strategy
- Creative direction
- Community relations
- Video production
- PR, news, and creative writing
- Social media management

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council
2018 - 2020

Director of Marketing & Communications

Results: Marketing

Major Responsibilities:


Kosher Network International
2016 - 2018

Director of Content & Creative

Results: - 250-500K+ monthly seasonal site audience (+74% Growth YoY 2017) - 100K+ Weekly Email Subscriber list (+57% Growth YoY 2017) - 1-6MM+ monthly social audience (+52% Growth YoY 2017)

Major Responsibilities:

- Advise content directors, leadership and editorial team with a detailed content strategy for all mediums

- Oversee the Editorial Team and Control the Editorial Calendar for all channels

- Strategic media buys & campaign planning for all channels & mediums

- Manage social media sponsored campaigns, SEO, and SEM initiatives according to goals, analytics, and engagement rate

- Create analytics & internal reporting, as well as audience analysis reports across all mediums

- Assess trends and industry landscape for creative editorial guidance and input

- Oversee Email Strategy and Testing Initiatives

On Ideas
2014 - 2016


Results: - Developed content strategies, press releases, and web copy

Major Responsibilities:

- Wrote and edited copy for all agency clients

- Internal and external communications copy fo the agency brand and clients

- Managed social media communities

2012 - 2014

Marketing Consultant & Creative Director

Results: For 2 years, while I raised 4 children, I followed my entrepreneurial spirit; I started and managed my own business.

Major Responsibilities:

- Marketing and branding consulting

- Created retail branding and developed franchise programs

- Wrote print, digital, and social media for multiple clients + designed ad campaigns, logos, ads, and digital materials

Daymon Worldwide
2006 - 2011

Marketing Specialist

Results: - Created brand positioning, tone, and voice for a $1 billion private brand - Developed a marketing program that was recognized as the best in the nation, and increased sales by 20-80% in individual categories - Analyzed syndicated data to develop new product and brand campaigns that resulted in a 30% sales lift

Major Responsibilities:

- Managed over 1,000 projects, with complete accuracy

- Wrote packaging copy for private brand products

2002 - 2006

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Results: Executed strategic internal communications program and company intranet for 3,000+ employees

Major Responsibilities:

- Managed all external communications efforts by creating newsletters, emails, brochures, sales sheets, and presentation graphics

- Trained management on brand integrity so that all internal and external documents reflected correct branding before distribution

- Led community relations efforts, achieving internal and external exposure, while maintaining strict budgetary controls


University of North Florida
1998 - 2002

Bachelor of Arts - Communications

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